Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello From Halifax!

by Brandie Adams - SIRC Reference Librarian

"Some of you are posed for glory but we can not know who; not the champions or the victory dances which will ensue. Already tonight some athletes are organizing strategies; it takes desire of a certain kind to get to these finish lines. " – Tania Davis

Let the Games Begin! Friday night was celebration night in Halifax with the Opening Ceremonies of the Canada Games. There was electricity in the air as the crowd prepared for the athletes to enter the Halifax Metro Centre. Host, Rich Aucoin kept the crowd going as athletes and coaches from 13 provinces and territories entered the arena. Once everyone settled down (as much as they could) Stephen Harper declared the Games officially opened.

The positive atmosphere following the Ceremonies rolled on to the downtown streets. Leaving the Metro Centre you could hear echoes from people chanting for their home province or territory.

Great things are sure to come over the next two weeks!

Check out SIRC's Canada Games 2011 webpage for more information!

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