Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello From Halifax!

“The gold is in the experience, not the medal.”
ByYour Team Nova Scotia Mission Staff

Wise words spoken by one of our Team Nova Scotia mission staffers, Ed Matchett. This quote certainly must resonate with all of you now that the moment you’ve been imagining through all of those long, grueling practices has finally arrived.

Last night’s opening ceremonies left us all feeling proud to be Nova Scotian. With our flags flying, the sea of deep royal blue uniforms, and the loud cheers for our home team, you certainly had us excited to showcase all of you as host province. We thought our flag bearer, Ryan Falkenham, did an excellent job leading our team into the Metro Centre, and Chad Hagen and Brittany Avery, along with coaches Neill Evans and Christina Swett, delivered the Games’ oaths with absolute enthusiasm.

Welcome to 2011 Canada Winter Games. We hope you enjoy this thrilling experience.

Check out SIRC's Canada Games 2011 webpage for more information!

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