Monday, August 31, 2009

Closing of the 2009 Canada Games

The 2009 Canada Games came to a close on Saturday at the UPEI Alumni Place. The rain did not put a damper on the athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators that filled the stands to enjoy the awards and entertainment of the closing ceremony.

The stage looked like a huge ship paying homage to Halifax, Nova Scotia who will be hosting the upcoming Winter Canada Games in 2011.

The 2009 Canada Games on Prince Edward Island were a success. I had a great time representing SIRC throughout the two weeks talking with many people throughout the Games and learn what type of sport information people are looking for. It was great to know that many people receive and enjoy the SIRC Daily Press Release service and SIRC newsletters.

Everyone is already looking ahead to 2011 in Halifax which should be a fantastic time. The theme is "bring it" and it should be exciting to see what SIRC will bring to the Games!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunny, Windy Thursday

The countdown is on now until the closing ceremony of the Canada Games. I came into the Athletes Info and Activity Centre today and was pleased to notice that the athletes have been taking advantage of the materials in the mobile SIRC library.

This morning I was able to catch some of the kayaking. Despite being quite windy and a little chilly there were quite a few people out to watch at 9:30am. After a few mishaps (boat sinking, people falling out) they postponed some of the events until later today.

Last night was the AthletesCAN forum. The place was filled with athletes, most from canoe/kayak, to listen to the Ambassadors talk about their ups and downs in sport. The importance of mental training, imagery and building confidence was a theme with most of the athletes. My favourite quote was from Jeane Lassen. After talking about working so hard from the 2000 Olympics and not being able to compete because of an injury she said "hard work doesn't always pay off but it is the only way to achieve success."

Hopefully Facebook will let me post some pictures soon !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week Two is under way!

Yesterday was the first day of events for week two. After practices being cancelled on Sunday because of rain and wind (Hurricane Bill) everyone was ready for the week to begin. It seemed like the perfect day for outdoor sport with a mild temperature and very little wind. From the sounds of things the indoor action for volleyball and swimming was equally as exciting.

There are a few first at the Canada Games this year and yesterday was the premiere of the Special Olympics in the 100M and 1500M wheelchair.

The mobile SIRC Resource Centre is set up in three areas this week. You can find me at the Coaches Lounge, Athletes Village Information Centre or the Athlete Entertainment area. Of course, you could also see me at one of the venues cheering on the athletes! One of the highlights for me yesterday was seeing Jeremy Wall, my good friends' little brother, run in the 100M Special Olympics.

After one day I've met quite a few people who are familiar with SIRC and the athletes, coaches and volunteers who have not encountered us before are interested to learn more. One athlete told me "that's really cool" which I thought was a pretty good compliment!

I've taken a more pictures that I'll post to the SIRC Facebook page so check it out later on today!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain, rain, rain

Today is the first day of week two at the Canada Games. The athletes should have an interesting practice day with all the rain PEI is going to get this Sunday. The good thing is that Hurricane Bill should have passed us by tonight.

I'm off to Charlottetown to set up the mobile SIRC Resource Centres in the athlete and coaches' lounges. This week will be an exciting one with men's soccer, athletics, swimming, women's wrestling, canoe/kayak, golf, volleyball and baseball taking place in the Eastern part of the province. If you want to see where it is all happening check out the 2009 Canada Games virtual tour of the campus.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What a week!!

First off, a big thanks to the publishers to donated materials to the mobile SIRC Resource Centre! It was a hit during week one of the Canada Games and I can only imagine that it will be just as popular next week with the coaches and the athletes!

With Friday coming to a close there is only one day left of week one. Everyone has been enjoying their time on PEI and the weather has been phenomenal! There is a feeling of celebration as the medal rounds are being completed. For the most part everyone can relax and enjoy their final night tonight.

Today I was able to catch wrestling, women’s soccer and beach volleyball. If you are a friend of SIRC on Facebook you will be able to see some of the pictures I’ve taken so far.

Things I’ve notice through week one:
- Every province in Canada is a strong contender in the 2009 Canada Games.
- Some provinces go all out with fan gear to make as much noise as they can during the Games.
- There is a camaraderie surrounding the Games no matter if you are a parent, athlete, coach, officials, volunteer … or librarian.
- People are familiar with SIRC!!
- Coaches like resources. The books and journals I brought are disappearing. It’s fantastic!!
- Volunteers are great! If they are not volunteering they are cheering on the athletes in the stands.
- Fans, there are lots of them. The stands were filled at all the events I’ve attended.

Week one is almost finished and it went by in a blur. I’ve had a great time so far.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Canada Games - Lots of Sports and Inspirational Athletes!

The last few days of the Canada Games have flown by. With all of the events taking place it can feel overwhelming to try to see everything. So far I’ve managed to catch some of the beach volleyball, rowing, triathlon and basketball however that is just the tip of the iceberg. Each event has been fantastic to watch as all the provinces are showing their strength.

Today was a treat. I was able to sit in and listen to the AthletesCan Ambassadors speak to athletes about their experience in sport from grassroots to the podium. David Calder highlighted the importance of setting goals. He had aspired to win an Olympic Gold Medal in rowing at age thirteen while rowing in Victoria with Silken Laumann on Christmas Day. (He passed his Olympic Silver Medal around and we all got to hold it - yeah!) Erin Carter enthusiastically highlighted what sport can mean to the athlete and how the skills that they are learning can transfer to all aspects of their lives. Kevin Stittle and Heather Moyse spoke about how now more than ever being an athlete is an attainable dream to have as a career. All encouraged the athletes to make the most of their experience at the Canada Games.

At the end of the AthletesCAN Forum the floor was open for questions. One of the athletes asked the Ambassadors how they knew that sport was what they wanted to focus on because he was at a crossroads between choosing a normal life of that of an athlete. After some humorous jabs at athletes being normal each, athlete took a stab at answering his question and overall their answer had a common thread. They all had an overwhelming passion to competing in their sport, it was their passion in life. They evening ended with, Michael Smith, convener of the evening commenting that each athlete in the room was an ordinary person but they were doing extraordinary things.

Check out the daily Athlete Ambassador on the SIRC Press Release!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The 2009 Canada Games have started!

Hi, my name is Brandie Adams and I am the Reference Librarian at SIRC. I’m very excited to be attending the 2009 Canada Games in Prince Edward Island. If the energy and the weather continue like this they are sure to be the best Games yet! I could be slightly bias, I’m from PEI and it is a wonderful feeling to look around and see the whole Island get involved and support Canadian sport.

The opening ceremonies were in Summerside on Saturday. The athletes entered the Credit Union Place with big smiles waving their provincial flags. Each athlete was able to meet Governor General Michaelle Jean and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. We listened to uplifting speeches and were entertained by a variety of local musical talent.

With the first day of events complete the Games are well under way. Today is sure to be filled with activity. After attending the media briefing I'll be spending time in the Coaches of Canada Coaches’ Lounge before heading off to the watch some of the events. With basketball, beach volleyball, rugby, tennis, rowing, diving, softball, tennis, cycling, soccer and sailing happening there are lots of things to choose from today! In two days I’ve met some fantastic people so I'm looking forward to seeing what today brings.

Friday, August 14, 2009

SIRC is at the 2009 Canada Games

SIRC is excited to be attending the 2009 Canada Games held in PEI from August 15-29. As Canada’s National Sport Library, we will be there with the SIRC Mobile Resource Centre providing athletes, coaches, parents, officials and the media with access to the latest sport resources. Our Reference Librarian, Brandie Adams, will be on-hand to showcase the resources available at SIRC and answer questions. Make sure that you check out the SIRC Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages for updates throughout the event!

Keep your eyes out for SIRC at the athletes, coaches and Officials’ lounge, media briefings, athlete focus groups and forums and cheering on athletes as they go for the gold! Look for daily athlete and ambassador bios in SIRC’s Emailservice and be sure to check out our Canada Games’ webpage for even more resources!

SIRC Newsletter -Canada Games/Youth Athletes

Check out the latest SIRC Newsletter on Canada Games/Youth Athletes

Whether you are a parent, athlete or coach it is important to remember younger athletes often have different requirements when it comes to training, nutrition and competition. For this reason it is important to keep informed about the various aspects of a developing athlete. Stress, sleep, conditioning and nutrition can play a huge role in the performance of young athletes. All are challenging in a typical teenage lifestyle being informed and learning how to manage these areas is essential to a competitive athlete.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SIRC Newsletter -Concussions

Check out the latest SIRC Newsletter on Concussions

A Concussion is an injury that should be taken seriously by coaches, parents and players. Although usually associated with sports such as hockey, soccer, football, equestrian and boxing, a concussion can occur in any sport. Since you cannot see a concussion, often athletes will continue to play and not report their symptoms, thinking it was just a bump on the head. This can have catastrophic outcomes, continuing to play with a concussion or returning to play too soon after a concussion can result in permanent brain damage and in rare cases lead to death. Any athletes exhibiting symptoms of a concussion should stop playing immediately and consult a doctor. Remember it is better to miss one game then the entire season.