Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello from Halifax!

by Brandie Adams, SIRC Reference Librarian

Today was a great day at the 2011 Halifax Canada Games. The athletes experienced fast times at the Canada Games Oval. Was it the sun? Was it the fabulous crowd? Was it the warm weather? Does it matter? It was a fantastic time with people surrounding the oval, filling the stands and standing on the snowbanks outside the gates to catch a glimpse of the long track skaters.

The same could be seen at the wheelchair basketball games held at Citadel High School. During the Quebec-Saskatchewan game the crowd was making lots of noise for the athletes. You could see teams from other provinces in the stands cheering their fellow athletes on. What a great display of sportsmanship.

Currently SIRC is busy at Coach House with people stopping by at the end of the day. One theme that is emerging is they are interested in coach development and continuing education (and having fun at the end of their long day).

Check out SIRC's Canada Games webpage for more information!

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