Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello from Halifax!

The loudest and the proudest!
by Team PEI, Canada Games 2011

PEI may not top the medal table in Halifax – two or three of any colour would be nice – but there is no prouder group of athletes here competing in Halifax.

The excitement generated by our group has been unbelievable so far. From a high energy athletes rally last week to Thursday’s departure right through to yesterday’s Opening Ceremony, Island athletes have been singing and celebrating like no other. The smiles have not left their faces.

One of the most popular items has been the PEI vuvuzela. The scourge of TV viewers during the soccer World Cup, the vuvu has added an extra dimension to the energy and dynamism of PEI athletes. Already they are a hot trading item and our athletes our holding out for the highest prices!

A word from PEI too on the outstanding Opening Ceremonies, and a big well done to the Host Society on the great job so far. We are having a great time, are looking forward to the competition, and making the friendships that we know will be forged over the next two weeks.

A word of warning though – we may be small, but we are mighty, and Team PEI, behind the smiles and the laughter, is here to give its all. Nothing will be left behind on the field of play.

Long live the Canada Games!

Check out SIRC's Canada Games webpage for more information!

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