Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello from Halifax!

Designing the medals for the Canada Games!
by Michele Walker, SIRC

Besides competing for the Canada Games Flag as a proud member of the winning province at the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it’s fair to say that most athletes really want to win a medal. Gold, of course, is best. But there are times when circumstances dictate that winning the bronze or silver medal, can feel like gold! Maybe an athlete is sick on competition day, didn’t sleep well, is just coming off an injury, or just got beat by a better competitor that day – no matter the circumstances, making the podium can be so rewarding. So truth be told, winning a medal of any colour really is the highest achievement for an athlete at the Canada Games. In Halifax, over 1065 medals will be awarded throughout the 18 days of competition.

But before medals of any colour can be awarded, they first have to be designed. In Canada Games tradition, there is an open competition to design the medals for the Games. Not an easy task really, as potential designers have to take into consideration the unique nature, theme, culture and spirit of Nova Scotia and the 2011 Games themselves. After 90 submissions were received by the Host Society, the design of two Halifax university students Marlon Solis and Amber Whyley, was chosen and the medals were unveiled on August 16, 2010. The distinctive shape of the medals represents the beauty of the province, which has been shaped by the sea. The design features an etched theme depicting interlocking athletic figures in motion to convey athletic spirit, unity and diversity and includes a ribbon loop inspired by the gates of the Halifax Public Gardens.

The 2011 Games medals for the Halifax Games were produced by Charm Diamond Centres, who also made the medals for the 2003 Games in Bathurst, New Brunswick, and the 2001 Canada Games in London, Ontario.

Check out SIRC's Canada Games webpage for more information!

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