Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Masters Athletes

Masters athletes are men and women over 35 who compete in sports at a very high level. Not surprising that these athletes are more fit than your average adult, with the majority of them being healthier and just as competitive then people half their age. SIRC was inspired by Olga Kotelko and the book What Makes Olga Run and we were saddened by her recent passing. At 95, Olga held over 25 world records and possessed hundreds of medals which would be impressive for any athlete, let alone a retired school teacher that decided to try athletics at the age of 77.

This issue SIRC has compiled articles that talk about all aspects of being a masters athlete, from coaching and training to injury prevention and nutrition. We share these articles in the hope that you will be inspired by these amazing athletes to get active and maybe try something you never thought was possible.

SIRC Newsletter: http://www.sirc.ca/newsletters/July14/index.html

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