Friday, August 21, 2009

What a week!!

First off, a big thanks to the publishers to donated materials to the mobile SIRC Resource Centre! It was a hit during week one of the Canada Games and I can only imagine that it will be just as popular next week with the coaches and the athletes!

With Friday coming to a close there is only one day left of week one. Everyone has been enjoying their time on PEI and the weather has been phenomenal! There is a feeling of celebration as the medal rounds are being completed. For the most part everyone can relax and enjoy their final night tonight.

Today I was able to catch wrestling, women’s soccer and beach volleyball. If you are a friend of SIRC on Facebook you will be able to see some of the pictures I’ve taken so far.

Things I’ve notice through week one:
- Every province in Canada is a strong contender in the 2009 Canada Games.
- Some provinces go all out with fan gear to make as much noise as they can during the Games.
- There is a camaraderie surrounding the Games no matter if you are a parent, athlete, coach, officials, volunteer … or librarian.
- People are familiar with SIRC!!
- Coaches like resources. The books and journals I brought are disappearing. It’s fantastic!!
- Volunteers are great! If they are not volunteering they are cheering on the athletes in the stands.
- Fans, there are lots of them. The stands were filled at all the events I’ve attended.

Week one is almost finished and it went by in a blur. I’ve had a great time so far.

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