Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunny, Windy Thursday

The countdown is on now until the closing ceremony of the Canada Games. I came into the Athletes Info and Activity Centre today and was pleased to notice that the athletes have been taking advantage of the materials in the mobile SIRC library.

This morning I was able to catch some of the kayaking. Despite being quite windy and a little chilly there were quite a few people out to watch at 9:30am. After a few mishaps (boat sinking, people falling out) they postponed some of the events until later today.

Last night was the AthletesCAN forum. The place was filled with athletes, most from canoe/kayak, to listen to the Ambassadors talk about their ups and downs in sport. The importance of mental training, imagery and building confidence was a theme with most of the athletes. My favourite quote was from Jeane Lassen. After talking about working so hard from the 2000 Olympics and not being able to compete because of an injury she said "hard work doesn't always pay off but it is the only way to achieve success."

Hopefully Facebook will let me post some pictures soon !

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