Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week Two is under way!

Yesterday was the first day of events for week two. After practices being cancelled on Sunday because of rain and wind (Hurricane Bill) everyone was ready for the week to begin. It seemed like the perfect day for outdoor sport with a mild temperature and very little wind. From the sounds of things the indoor action for volleyball and swimming was equally as exciting.

There are a few first at the Canada Games this year and yesterday was the premiere of the Special Olympics in the 100M and 1500M wheelchair.

The mobile SIRC Resource Centre is set up in three areas this week. You can find me at the Coaches Lounge, Athletes Village Information Centre or the Athlete Entertainment area. Of course, you could also see me at one of the venues cheering on the athletes! One of the highlights for me yesterday was seeing Jeremy Wall, my good friends' little brother, run in the 100M Special Olympics.

After one day I've met quite a few people who are familiar with SIRC and the athletes, coaches and volunteers who have not encountered us before are interested to learn more. One athlete told me "that's really cool" which I thought was a pretty good compliment!

I've taken a more pictures that I'll post to the SIRC Facebook page so check it out later on today!

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