Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Tech Savvy Coach

Many coaches have already started to incorporate smart technology into their training, and when used to its full potential, iPads or other smart technologies can significantly enhance the coaching business. To some coaches, technology can seem a little daunting, but coaches need to embrace it by making themselves aware of what is available and how it can benefit them and their athletes.

Slow Motion Video/Video Streaming

There are many benefits of having a video readily available when it comes to sport coaching.
  • Athletes and coaches do not need to be in the same location to have a relationship 
  • A coach can provide support from any location during competition 
  • Game strategies, injury concerns and nutritional needs can all be discussed 
  • A coach can quickly record their athlete in action and have it played back in slow motion which enables both parties to see what’s happening and enable the coach to point out corrections 
  • Enhances fan interaction 
Web Applications

Everyday more and more applications are being created to help us navigate and interact with the world. Mobile applications for coaching are no exception and there are many you can access effortlessly and with minimal cost.
  • Coaches Eye - Web app for the iPhone has many features including: video, slow motion review, audio commenting and video drawing to highlight problems
  • Sports Game Timer App – Many recreational leagues require equal playing time or that each player plays at least half of the game. Keep track of players with a simple timer/tracker for sports teams. Great if you need proof for the parents! 
  • G.A.P.S. Sports Coaching App - Gain access to over 1750 activities, practices and skills, perfect for creating enjoyable and interesting coaching sessions and PE lessons on the move.
The use of technology allows coaches to organize themselves and gain efficiency by having simple to operate equipment that produces maximum results. Up until this point, coaches might have been able to get away with older methods of running a program, but not anymore. Today’s technology can make you a better instructor, manager and leader and coaches need to grab a hold or be left behind. Replace the old way of thinking and you’ll be amazed at what technology can offer!

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