Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stay Healthy, Save Money and the Environment - Bike to Work

Incorporating cycling into your work week will keep you strong and healthy, save you money and gives the added bonus of being easy on the environment. Environment week in Canada (June 3-6) is coming up soon and we would like to encourage all of you to get on your bikes and ride to work that week!

We all know that cycling has many benefits that include improved muscle tone, increased stamina and reduced stress, but did you realize just how much cycling to work can help save you money? If you currently drive your car to work every day, getting on your bike could help you:
  • Save up to $50 a week on gas 
  • Eliminate parking fees 
  • Lower cost tune-ups for bike and vehicle 
  • Lower your car insurance rates 
Even if you commute only a handful of times, it's better than none at all because:
  • Cycling uses no fuel 
  • Bicycles take a lot less energy to make a than a car 
  • Bikes don't require toxic batteries or motor oil 
  • Cycling significantly reduces transportation emissions and traffic congestion
If you’re still uncomfortable with the idea of riding to work, recruit a friend to ride with you or go for a dry run on the weekend to map out your route to get an estimation of how much time it will take. If you live too far from work, commute for a portion of your trip and keep your bike at a public transportation stop.

Commuting by bike is first and foremost supposed to be fun! There are many reasons people start cycling to work but it’s the daily enjoyment that keep people getting on their bikes day after day.

If you would like more information on cycling to work, check out the included links and resources from the SIRC collection.

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For sure! Love the topic! commuting is the best way to be healthy and keep I world heading!

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