Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Stop Shops for Digital Solutions

A case no longer needs to be made for why an organization should be using social media as part of their business plan. We all know that embracing the medium means that customer engagement will improved significantly while allowing for direct customer and member communication and increasing the speed of feedback and results.

With an unquestionable increase in the business usage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr or YouTube, just how much thought is put in to the actual planning for these tools. Besides having a well designed website that is user friendly and easy to navigate, a lot of attention should be paid to the creation and strategy of the content on the website and to making sure the right messages are getting through as quickly as they need to, given our society’s propensity for immediate feedback and results (and we don’t mean sports results!).

This past week SIRC attended a few excellent presentations on social media in the Sport Alliance Ontario building in Toronto, by companies that are providing one-stop digital shops for amateur sports organizations – large and small.
  • CanSport LIVE, lead by Chief Executive Officer Kevin Albrecht, has a talented and knowledgeable team that can quickly develop a website for any sporting outlet whether it is an amateur sports federation, club or league. They will also help streamline all those daily digital processes that are so time consuming to organizations yet so valuable, as well as provide video content and generate revenue from national advertisers. Rugby Ontario and the Ontario Soccer Association are already benefitting from the services of CanSport LIVE.
  • Echinda Solutions, based in London, Ontario, assists sports organization by also focusing on the right message, using the right technology, with the right budget at the right time. From website design to data management to e-commerce and online support, Echinda Solutions also wants to insure that an organizations website is a huge part of the overall communications, marketing and sales plan. Two of their sport partner’s websites are the Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On and Ophea.
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