Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Have Your Say!

Sport Canada, a branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage with the Government of Canada, works to help Canadians participate and excel in sport. Their mandate is to strengthen the involvement that sport has in developing the image of Canada, with respect to identity, culture and society, as well as to develop Federal sport policy in Canada, provide funding to programs in support of sport, and administer special projects related to sport.

The policy that governs sport in Canada is now up for renewal. The federal and provincial/territorial Ministers responsible for sport have agreed to go to the Canadian people for their opinions. Now is the time for interested Canadians and sport communities to contribute and to help build a sport policy that reflects the sport they want in Canada. The vision embraced by the policy will lay the foundation upon which Sport Canada will focus their efforts over the next ten years to improve sport in this country.

SIRC, the Sport Information Resource Centre, is working in cooperation with Sport Canada to conduct an electronic survey to collect the opinions of sporting Canadians for the renewal process. The best part is, it does not matter how you contribute to sport - athlete (recreational, club and elite), coach, administrator, physical education teacher, event manager, athletic trainer, sports commentator, researcher, business owner, fitness industry specialist, parent, grandparent, fan –the list goes on. The survey is open to every segment of Canadian society as it seeks to involve all those who do, and those who do not, currently consider themselves a part of either the sport community or the sport system, yet have the potential, the experience and the desire to contribute.

Think about your own experiences with sport, and now think about what you have to say about those experiences. Completing the Canadian Sport Policy Renewal Electronic Survey by June 27, 2011, will insure that the federal, provincial/territorial Ministers responsible for sport have heard the concerns of the nation. It’s your turn to be heard Canada. Take a few minutes to do the quick survey now, tweet that you’ve done it, and pass the link on to all your social and sport contacts.
For more information on the Canadian Sport Policy Renewal process contact SIRC!

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