Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pan/Parapan American Games’ "Think Tank"

On Saturday April 24th SIRC’s Regional office Information Specialist participated in the Pan/Parapan American Games’ “Think Tank” put on by the Sport Alliance of Ontario (SAO). This event was arranged to give the Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) an opportunity to come together as a group and identify the top five legacies they would want to see come out of the 2015 Games, which Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe will be hosting.

After opening remarks by Holly Abraham, Chair of the SAO Board of Directors, and a brief background presentation by Blair McIntosh, SAO’s Director of Games, facilitator Marg Strus broke the participants into five groups. Those groups then had 90 minutes to brainstorm to come up with their top five legacies overall.

When the groups came back to share their results there were some definite common themes in the responses. Infrastructure was one theme that was important to all. It included not only facilities, but transportation as well. PSOs want permanent, multisport facilities that will continue to be maintained and used post games.

Training was also a common theme. Training not only for coaches and athletes, but for volunteers, and games administration as well, so the Pan/Parapan American Games can be the best games they can be. Having Ontario host smaller international sporting events prior to 2015 was suggested as a perfect way to facilitate this.

Other common themes included Communication, Partnerships, Community Development and Multiculturalism. SAO took away each group’s final five as well as all their brainstorming notes and will be compiling the results to present to Ian Troop, CEO of the Pan/Parapan American Games, before the next scheduled session on May 29th, 2010.

Below are some SIRC resources which may be useful to game organizers.
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