Thursday, April 1, 2010

How you can be fit and healthy for free!

There are great tips out there for those people who want to be fit and healthy for less. The fitness industry is a billion dollar business. There are never ending ways to spend money on equipment, clothes, supplements, classes and other gadgets when there is really no need. For most people exercise and maintaining a healthy diet is all that is needed. Although relying on your own willpower can be a hard thing to do, it is possible!
  • Join a community club
  • Take the stairs
  • Check out books and DVDs from the library
  • Start a walking group with friends
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Download free Apps to keep you motivated
  • Watch for promotions from local fitness centres to try something new
  • Look up your favourite activity online. Popular publications often offer free classes or strength training tips on your computer
  • Volunteer to substitute for a local team

There are numerous articles in the SIRC Collection that can help you get fit and healthy for less. Check out past newsletters and online resource section for full text documents on a variety of topics including overtraining, healthy holidays, get fit, sports parents, and cycling.

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Additional Links to physical fitness include:


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