Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Holiday Poem

‘Twas the night before the holidays, in SIRC’s library stacks,
There were little librarians, shelving books back .
Books on conditioning, rowing, anatomy and wakeboarding,
Fitness, performance, skiing and snowboarding.

When out at the reference desk they heard such a clatter,
They ran out from the stacks, to see what was a matter.
It was Debra, the CEO, with journals galore,
Her arms were so full, they had fallen to the floor.

Sport Science, Sport Management, and the Sport Law Review,
Managing Leisure, Soccer & Society just to name a few.
Referee, WakeSports Canada and Swim News,
Were all over the floor and covering her shoes.

Debra had been reading, scanning the latest sports news,
Picking out key articles that SIRC’s members could use.
All the SIRC librarians read and scan journals everyday,
To make sure SIRC members are informed in every way.

SIRC’s doors may be closed during the holiday break,
But those little librarians, no rest they take.
Look to our website, blogs, twitters and feeds,
For all of your sport information needs.

May sport be the bond that continue to unite.
Happy holidays to all and to all a good night.

SIRC Holiday Hours
The SIRC office will be closed on Thursday December 24, 2009 at 12:00pm and re-open on Monday January 4, 2010 for the holiday season.

Fermeture du SIRC durant le temps des Fêtes
Le bureau du SIRC sera fermé durant le temps des Fêtes du jeudi le 24 décembre 2009 à midi au dimanche 3 janvier 2010 inclusivement.

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