Tuesday, December 29, 2009

At SIRC You Learn Something New Every Day!

The SIRC Collection receives new publications everyday and it is always exciting to see what new research and fun facts are being published. It is very common to hear one of the SIRC Staff start a sentence with “Did you know…” As we come to the end of 2009 here are a few items that have completed the “Did you know…” sentence.
  • About 25% of athletic trainers use pickle juice to treat muscle cramps. Some report, that 1 to 2oz (30-6- mL) of pickle juice relieves cramps within 35 seconds. The mechanism is illusive because rapid relief must mean that pickle juice empties from the stomach very quickly, yet a gastric-emptying study with pickle juice indicates it empties very slowly from the stomach.

  • Simply rinsing the mouth with sports drink helps runners run faster. After an overnight fast (13-15h without food) and before and during a 1-hour run, 10 trained runners rinsed their mouth for 5 seconds with a sports drink, and then spit it out. With the sports drink mouth rinse; they were able to run 365 meters longer during the hour.

  • A study of 634 nutrition supplements indicated that about 15% contained a banned substance, even though the supplement came from a factory that did not manufacture the banned substances (i.e. steroids, ephedrine). The products most likely to be contaminated with illegal compounds include bodybuilding supplements and weight loss products.

If you liked these did you knows make sure that you check out the SIRC Newsletters! Not only do they have a Did you know … section but they contain many interesting articles from the SIRC Collection.

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