Tuesday, February 12, 2013

High Intensity Interval Training

Many Canadians cite a "lack of time" when asked about barriers to adding physical activity into their lives. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is used by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts to reach their performance goals and enhance their fitness levels.

HIIT is a type of cardio training that involves alternating bouts of light-to-moderate intensity with bouts of high intensity. HIIT sessions include a warm-up, several short, maximum intensity bursts punctuated with low intensity recovery intervals followed by a cool down. Most HIIT training workouts last about 15 minutes but can stretch to 20 minutes. Since most of us lead busy lives, HITT may be something worth considering. 

The difference between regular interval training and HITT is that it involves maximum effort, not just a higher heart rate. Typically the exercises involve running, skipping, or swimming but can easily adapt to any sport. Different approaches to this training can involve varying: the time of each interval, how many intervals to include and how many of these training sessions to perform each week.

Benefits include:
  • increases in cardio fitness
  • improvements in exercise performance
  • increases in metabolism
  • increases in endurance
  • prevention of muscle loss
  • challenges for both beginners and experts
Before starting any kind of high intensity interval training you should be able to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes at about 80% of your maximum heart rate. Because this form of training is physically demanding is it important to ensure you build up your training program or you may run the risk of overdoing it.

This type of training is easily adaptable to each person's fitness level and capability. Start at a level that you feel comfortable with and gradually increase the difficulty. It's OK to give yourself a bit of challenge, that's how we improve, but be careful not to run yourself into the ground.

With anyone starting a new fitness program it's important to talk to your physician first if you have any concerns. 

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