Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Respect, Fair Play and Ethical Behaviour - SIRC Newsletter

SIRC Newsletter Now Online: Respect, Fair Play and Ethical Behaviour

We have heard before that respect, fair play and ethical behaviour (also known as sportsmanship) are all learned behaviours. The question is from whom and when do we learn these? It is never too early to learn the fundamentals, physical education classes and grassroots programs are excellent places to start. However this behaviour should be exhibited at all levels of sport, recreation through to high performance. As well it shouldn’t just be limited to athletes; parents, coaches, officials, fans and even sport organization staff should all show respect, play fairly and behave ethically. Sports and physical activity are meant to be fun; these behaviours help to create a positive experience.

SIRC has compiled the following articles to help you learn more about respect, fair play and ethical behaviour and how to lead by example.

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