Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SIRC Governance Resources and Webinars

Over the past year, SIRC has been working together with Sport Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee to enhance the knowledge base about issues concerning governance within sport organizations. In an effort to help sport organizations develop and maintain effective governance practices SIRC has been gathering resources and tools that can assist sport organizations with their governance and made these available through our online Sport Governance portal.

Why should governance matter to sport organizations?
  • Strategic thinking and direction-setting are fundamental to success 
  • The sport environment is complex and the demands on leaders are significant 
  • Management can thrive when supported by strong governance 
  • Organizations need to be accountable to their members and stakeholders 
  • Organizations want to be recognized as credible by the public 
  • Funding partners expect results and accountability 
  • Participants in sport have high expectations of their organization and its leaders. 
As part of our efforts to bring useful tools to the sport community SIRC has been working with experts in the governance field to develop a series of free webinars that focus on a variety of governance related topics. All webinars continue to be archived on the SIRC website so that anyone can go back and share with colleagues that may not have been available at the live presentation.

Topics already presented include:
We invite those interested in governance concerns to register for the upcoming free live webinars on the following topics:
Contact SIRC for more information on sport governance!

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