Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is the Sky Always Going to be the Limit?

 Year after year, games after games, championship after championship, athletes continue to set world records and all-time best results.  But can athletic human performance continue to improve indefinitely? One might contemplate that the time will come when athletes will no longer be faster, higher and stronger. According to a South Korean study of athletics and swimming in the International Journal of Applied Management Science, analyzed data proposes that human performance will reach its pinnacle within the next decade. Statistical analysis suggests that improvements in running and swimming are slowing down, yet does not take into account variations in rules, measurements and environmental changes.

However, a current theory by
Duke University engineers has shown that Olympic swimmers and sprinters have gotten bigger and faster over the past 100 years, having physically grown at a much faster rate than the normal population. According to their data analysis, the average human has gained about 4.83 cm (1.9 inches) in height since 1900, and that the fastest swimmers have grown 11.4 cm (4.5 inches) and the best runners have grown 16.3 cm (6.4 inches). Should those participating in sport over the next century continue to be taller and bigger athletes than today, there is a reasonable expectation that superior athletic performance will continue.

These days athletes are using better training methods, much improved technology and are guided by  better-than-ever prepared coaches and integrated support teams. Today's improved knowledge and applications of physiology, biomechanics and psychology towards an athlete’s performance, are something that could not have even been imagined a few decades ago, yet will most likely be outdated 20 years from now. While it is practical to believe that some sports may be nearer to their upper limit than others, as long as there is a will to continue to improve, we can only hope there is no limit on how far athletic performance can go.

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Martine Louise said...
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Ian Elbanbuena said...

Well, realized I'm commenting on a very late thread but i definitely agree. No one is born immortal and time will come people will reach the pinnacle. No one can deny that legendary athletes was tested and was created by time and only time can vanish all the achievements. As we grow old, we have this so-called freezing point wherein we feel that we are no longer strong, fierce and brave enough to face the reality. Life's like that. You might have the power like superman but there's always the kryptonite that will make you weak.