Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch Chia ~ It's Not The Pet It Use To Be!

How to fuel the body is as diverse as the body itself, but it also depends on the nature of the activities being done. “Filling the tank” while engaging in sport or physical activity of any kind involves eating a healthy well–balanced diet, if there is to be a return on investment. Energy drinks, gels and bars provide quick and convenient energy and still gaining popularity as an energy source is the super food - the Chia seed.

What is old is new again. Known as the “Indian Running Food”, the Chia seed is an ancient seed that has been used by tribesman as a source of energy and sustenance for many, many years. Amongst its advantages are that it is lightweight, easily digestible, and is packed with fiber while also offering a complete essential amino-acid package. Even eating Chia on a regular basis will decrease food cravings and assist with weight loss as well. When Chia seeds are mixed with other foods, it displaces calories and fat without diluting any of the flavours. And when it’s made into the Chia gel (by mixing it with water), it displaces rather than dilutes, creates more surface area, and can enhance the flavour rather than dilute it.

Companies such as “Holy Crap”, based in Canada, have developed a ‘breakfast’ mix, while other companies offer up a multitude of recipes where Chia can be successfully added. Best known for its highly successful Chia pet marketing campaign, now there are many ways to actually include Chia into the daily diet, whether you are an elite athlete, moderately physically active, or aiming for some weight loss.

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