Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can’t Beat Mother Nature – So Be Prepared

Now more than ever, and especially in light of the tornadic devastation that tore apart the town of Joplin, Missouri on the weekend, the sporting and outdoor recreation community needs a reminder of the power of Mother Nature’s fierce intensity.

As we travel through spring and get into the swing of all our summer outdoor sports programs and activities, all event organizers, officials, participants, parents and spectators should be cognizant of the weather safety rules associated with being outside during Canada’s summer sporting months.

Did you know there is a 30-30 Rule that outlines important safety tips regarding lightening? Take appropriate shelter when the count is 30 seconds or less between lightning and thunder and remain sheltered for 30 minutes after the last thunder. In partnership, Environment Canada and SIRC have quick reference business cards on lightening safety tips that can be printed out and distributed to all constituent groups associated with an event.

Severe weather is most often predicted and communicated by a multitude of resources now. Technology makes it so much easier to be prepared for inclement and dangerous weather systems. But sometimes it all happens so fast. Weather is still something we haven’t figured out how to change or control, so this is why there is value in knowing what is expected so everyone can react quickly and stay safe. Listen to the Weather Network before the game. Turn on the radio. Add a weather application to the Smartphone. Sign up for text alerts. Even get a weather radio. It might just save a life.

Tennis, soccer, softball, golf, cycling, camping or canoeing – know the weather rules before you go.

Visit the SIRC website for more information on weather safety.

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