Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Preparing for Race Season

Now that spring has sprung, race season is right around the corner. The race you signed up for over the winter, and you may or may not have started training for, is quickly approaching. So how do you prepare yourself?

Whether or not you plan on being competitive or just using the race as encouragement to get active this spring, training is essential to make the experience fun and help prevent injury. Everyone has their own preferences. Keep these in mind as you create your training schedule.

Can’t make up your mind about how to train, here are some things to think about to help make up your mind:

Group Training
  • This type of training can be using for those who are slow to get out of bed and need the encouragement to get going for those early morning runs.
  • Provides accountability.
  • Provides training partners and a social atmosphere to discuss your running habits
  • Provides a support group.
  • Often fees can be costly
  • May not fit your schedule
  • Often responsible for training outside of the group
Training on your own
  • Easier to tailor to your already busy schedule
  • Can adapt your schedule based on recovery
  • Can decide on a program that best suits your fitness and lifestyle
  • Online Tools
  • Almost no cost
  • No social support group
  • You are only accountable to yourself
  • Coaching not provided
Check out these websites to help with your training:
Runner’s World Smart Coach
Hal Higdon’s Website (author of Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide)
Run Injury Free with Jeff Galloway
Marathon Performance

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