Wednesday, March 9, 2011

International Women's Day is for Sports Too!

The 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day was officially yesterday. It is THE day to celebrate the political, social and economic advancements of women. The new millennium has seen a significant change and attitude shift in both women's (and men’s) thoughts about women's equity and liberation.

There has also been significant progress in the world of sport. One hundred years ago it would have been hard to believe that by the last quarter of the 20th century, in sports such as tennis and figure skating that women would rival or surprisingly even exceed their male counterparts in fame, status and recognition. While the level of performance and participation definitely can vary by country, continent and sport, there is no doubt that there is a much broader acceptance of women in sport throughout the world today.

In the early years, women athletes participated in sports under enormous difficulties, usually without proper equipment or uniforms, sufficient access to facilities, or monetary support. Many terminated their involvement in sports when they assumed family responsibilities. Now, in Canada for the past 30 years, the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) has lead the way in ensuring that Canadian women have all the same sport and fitness opportunities afforded to Canadian men. They provide vast and valuable insight into sport and physical activity experiences and opportunities for woman – young and old.

Whether it be in high performance sport, or every day fitness and recreation, women now know they have the right to choose, the right to compete, the right to participate, the right to lead, and the right to openly celebrate their success and their empowerment.

For more information on girls and women in sport, please contact SIRC.

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