Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nutrition Information

A recent article coming into the SIRC Collection discusses the importance of evaluating the information that you are finding on the web especially when passing it along to others. It reminds us that we must provide information in a way that encourages the consultation with experts in the appropriate field of interest. In this case, a panel of two dietitians and two fitness professionals identify “go-to” websites for nutritional guidance. Their top four websites include:
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s My Pyramid for personalized eating plans and interactive planning and assessment tools.
  • Eat Right from the American Dietetic Association provides science-based food and nutrition information.
  • The T. Colin Campbell Foundation which is a nonprofit organization providing scientific and health information to the public, without influence from industry or commercial interests.
  • ConsumerLab.com which provides independent test results and information to help evaluate health, wellness and nutrition products.
In Canada we can consult the Dieticians of Canada for food and nutrition information.

So next time you are looking for information on any topic, make sure you consider the source when evaluating what you find.

Resource Reference:
Todd Webster, Sandy (2010). Experts Recommend Top Websites for Nutrition Guidance. IDEA Fitness Journal, 7(10), 58.

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