Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Learning from Disappointment

Athletes and coaches can have good and bad days and they must learn how to deal with both. Knowing what can trigger disappointment and how to deal with it can be beneficial to athlete and coach as well as those around them. A recent article in Modern Athlete & Coach provides tips in both of these areas.

Factors leading to disappointment:
  • Unsatisfactory interpretation of results
  • Unsatisfactory interpretation of performance standard during competition or training
  • Missing training or competition.
  • Injury
  • Poor interpretation of training or missing training
  • Challenging or poor relationship between athlete and coach or between athletes
  • Inability to efficiently manage sport and life

Tips for managing disappointment:

  • De-briefing after every competition
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Looking at what has been accomplished
  • Developing a support network of professionals (mentors, psychologists)
  • Incorporating cross training
  • Linking performance to goals and time-plans
  • Philosophy that you do not know whether an event is good or bad until long after
  • Understanding that “disappointments” are part of sport

There are numerous factors that can lead to disappointment however managing it well can have a positive impact on coaches and athletes.

Klarica, Anthony. (2010) Dealing with Disappointment. Modern Athlete & Coach. 48(3), p.19.

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