Thursday, July 8, 2010

Exercising in a heat wave…

According to the news we are experiencing a heat wave in Ottawa. This means that we have three or more consecutive days of temperatures over 32ºC. However, the humidex is pushing it up to 44ºC and that is H-O-T!

How does this effect physical activity? It’s the summer, and for most their days and evening are made up of outdoor activities. Rising temperatures call for smart planning when preparing for exercise outdoors.

Stay hydrated! Heat and humidity will increase the amount of fluid loss from the body.
Morning exercise. This is the coolest time of day.
Acclimatize; start out slowly to let your body adjust to the heat.
Rest when you need to.
Think safety first. Heat stroke and other forms of heat illnesses are preventable.

There are many resources in the SIRC Collection about exercising in the heat. A few examples are:
  • Dreher, Beth. Heat Advisory. Runner’s World. 45 (8)Aug 2010: 27
  • Karp J. Exercising in the Heat. IDEA Fitness Journal. June 2010;7(6):26-29.
  • McDermott B, Casa D, Yeargin S, Ganio M, Armstrong L, Maresh C. Recovery and Return Activity Following Exertional Heat Stroke: Considerations for the Sports Medicine Staff. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. August 2007;16(3):163-181.

Also, check out some of our online weather resources for additional information.

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