Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's going on at SIRC’s Toronto Regional Office

SIRC@Sport4Ontario, SIRC’s Toronto Regional office, is located in the Sport Alliance of Ontario Building where close to 50 provincial sport organizations call home. This building is unique as it provides the organizations with office space and full office services, plus there is meeting room space available to tenants which allows them the space to run training sessions, coaching clinics and of course professional development programs for organization staff.

Yesterday, (January 13, 2010) Sport4Ontario held their monthly lunch and learn forum, which included guest speaker Barrie Claude Shepley. Barrie was Canada’s first National Triathlon Coach and was the first Olympic Triathlon Head Coach for Canada in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games where Simon Whitfield won his historic gold-medal. He has been named Coach of the Year in Canada on three occasions, Coach of the Year in Ontario two times, been inducted into Triathlon Canada’s Hall of Fame and has also been named a High Performance Coach from the National Coaching Institute.

On January 28th, 2010, SIRC’s Toronto Regional office will also be taking advantage of the meeting room space to hold an Information Session and Luncheon. Participants of this hands-on session will not just learn about SIRC, they will also participate in exercises designed to show them how SIRC can help them in the daily operation of their provincial sport organization.

Professional Development and Learning – That’s What’s Goin’ On!!

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