Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let’s talk about cricket!

As a Canadian that’s not a statement you hear too often, but the sport of Cricket is growing in popularity in this country by leaps and bounds. For example in the Toronto area alone the Toronto and District Cricket Association is the largest amateur club in North American and has over 1300 players on 92 teams. One of those players, Rizwan Cheema, a recent immigrant from Pakistan, who only played at the club level in his home country, not only plays for the National Team here in Canada, but is also getting international recognition. He is currently one of 51 players through to the final phase of the Indian Premier League auction. (This is like the NHL draft of cricket). Mr. Cheema owes this honour, not only to his skills but to the support and training he has received in Canada.

As Cricket Canada president Ranjit Saini stated in a January 6th , 2010 press release “This is a proud moment for Cricket Canada and its members" he later went on to add “Should Rizwan get selected and becomes part of IPL, the boost in Cricket Canada brand name will be phenomenal and the public awareness about Cricket in North America and particularly Canada will grow significantly. "

Interesting Cricket Canada Information:
The Canadian Cricket Association (now called Cricket Canada) was established in 1892.

The first recorded game of Cricket played in Canada was in 1785 at Ile-Ste-Helene in Montreal, Quebec.

In 2009, over 20,000 children throughout Canada played cricket in both school and community based development programs.

Cricket Canada’s head office is located in the SAO building along with SIRC’s new regional office in Toronto. The staff memebrs of Cricket Canada are avid users of the SIRC collection and borrow materials on a regular basis. SIRC is happy to help Cricket Canada with their research needs.

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