Monday, November 17, 2008

SIRC is on the road this week

Tuesday November 18, SIRC is in Vancouver, BC., presenting at the ANADO Extraordinary Meeting of Members. Debra Gassewitz, President and CEO of SIRC, has been asked to talk to the members of ANADO (Association of National Anti-Doping Organizations) about the services available to them from SIRC.

Thursday November 20, Debra will be presenting to Environment Canada in Niagara, Ontario. Her presentation, Communicating the Air Quality Message to the Sport Community highlights some of the vehicles used to communicate with the sport and fitness community which are available through SIRC. Debra will also give a brief description of Canada’s sport resource centre and the resources available to Canadians; as well as an outline of the activities about to be undertaken together with Environment Canada to promote the message of Air Quality to the sport community.

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