Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are you Tough Enough?

athletes,men,nets,persons,Photographs,racquets,sports,sports equipment,tennis,tennis nets,tennis players,tennis racketsWhen preparing for a race, a competition or just everyday exercise, mental preparation plays a vital role in the training process. Mental toughness is the psychological edge that an athlete uses to cope with the demands of training and performances at an event.  It allows the athlete to remain consistent, determined, focused, confident and in control under the pressures that they face.

Athletes who are considered mentally tough exhibit signs of:

Composure under pressure

Research suggests that working on a mental strength training program such as goal setting, visualization, relaxation, concentration and thought-stopping skills can lead to improvements in performance and self rated mental toughness (Crust, Azadi).

Mental toughness allows athletes to avoid distractions and stay calm under pressure.  Although some athletes will naturally be stronger in this area, all athletes can improve this skill.  Other athletes may not be as mentally tough but given the right sets of tools and situations they can vastly improve, just like any skill. It plays such a big role that athletes without the right mind set when performing under pressure can have a negative result compared to their performances during training sessions.

Having the best physical skills on the field is not enough on it's own.  For athletes that want to gain that competitive edge, it's essential to exercise your mind as well.

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