Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yoga Poses and Meditation for back pain

Yoga- the ancient physical, mental and spiritual discipline - has been found to be a great intervention for chronic back pain. And many high level athletes use yoga as a part of their training and recovery programs. The physical stretches are the most helpful part of the recovery but let us not forgot that the mental aspect of the discipline is quite beneficial to recovery as well.

By holding a pose in yoga, our muscles strengthen. If you can hold it for about a minute and start to feel a burn you are strengthening your muscle. Yoga is a workout that reduces stress, increases flexibility and coordination.

Studies have found that sixty to ninety percent of adults will suffer from back pains. Outside the athletics world, we put our back through so much lifting, heaving, twisting and shoving in every-day life. Some of the numerous causes of back pains include: poor posture, excess body weight, herniated disc and degenerative disks to name a few. With all that work our backs are doing it’s not surprising that with 20 small intricate joints building our vertebrae, our backs are taking a beating. Add to that any athletic endeavor and it is obvious that we need to be mindful of our back health.

Although yoga is ideal for back pain recovery, simple stretching activities also work to help relieve the pain. The focus on mindfulness is what makes yoga differ from simple stretching. It calms the body and gives peace of mind. A large emphasis in yoga is good posture, which help counter the initial causes of the back pain. Before stretching your way into recovery, try asking a healthcare professional what works best for you.

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RamanMaan said...

Yoga is internal control through bodily work out with meditation and inhalation. People regularly do it to remain physically fit, to reduce weight and as a treatment for several fitness issues. It helps to maintain a good health- mind association. Meditation, breathing and asana create an encouraging power in a person. It develops calmness, awareness and attentiveness in individuals.
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mike said...

Knowing there are steps you can take to improve your posture, muscle strength and general fitness can lessen the symptoms and possibly prevent Lumbago.

Exercise and Nutrition Tips


Starting to understand a bit more now... Thanks for keeping it simple!

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Mamun said...

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Jessica Gomez said...

A large focus in yoga exercises is healthy position, which help counter the initial causes of the back problems.

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Muneeb Ahmad said...

As a chiropractor and a yoga instructor, I think that both are great techniques for the treatment of lower back pain!!! Yoga will help to maintain your spine in proper alignment and integrate the benefits to your nervous system (chiropractic is not defined by the pop, and there are many techniques that involve no cracking), that are the true purpose and function of chiropractic, AND chiropractic will allow you to deepen your yoga practice, and keep you practicing through hard times.

tahera said...
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tahera said...

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Rachel Velazquez said...

Yes yoga is one of the best back pain relievers but I also recommend the Chiropractor to ease your pain at your back.

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