Thursday, February 2, 2012

SIRC at the CS4L National Summit: Governance!

SIRC hosted the "Governance and CS4L" session at the CS4L Summit today. Good governance is critical to the success of a sport organization. This session talked about how CS4L‐LTAD can be integrated into the Governance of a sport organization and where to find practical governance templates and resources that can be downloaded and modified for use. Panelists shared insights, including lessons learned at both the community and National level, that can help with incorporating CS4L principles and LTAD programs into governance and strategic planning. Hosted by Debra Gassewitz (SIRC), panelists included Marg Jones (JUEL Basketball), Paul Jurbala (CS4L), and JD Miller (B2ten).

Highlights of the session included:
  • How to integrate LTAD programs into your governance
  • What the Board needs to do to implement the strategic plan
  • Who should be on the Board and How do we recruit them
  • Where the resources can be found: SIRC Sport Governance Online Resource Centre
Contact SIRC for more information on sport governance

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