Tuesday, November 15, 2011

University of Toronto Gets Green Light for New Sports Lab

The Faculty of Physical Education and Health at the University of Toronto has announced that the build is on for a dazzling new sports lab facility geared towards high performance sports science research. With inspiration and direction from the previous Dean of Physical Education and Olympian, Bruce Kidd, the The Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport will open its doors in 2014 in downtown Toronto, Ontario, just across from Varsity Stadium.

In 2006 Warren Goldring, a 1949 graduate of the University of Toronto, and his family gave an $11 million gift to establish the high performance research centre. The green light came in November 2011 when the province’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities contributed $22.5 million towards the construction. 

Under the direction of the new Dean Ira Jacobs, the centre is said to be the first facility in Canada to dedicate itself to the rudimentary science of elite athletics advancement. The vision behind Goldring is to c
reate synergies that bolster research in the areas of sport and exercise research, sport medicine, training and competition. A much needed resource to the University of Toronto and the province of Ontario, the Centre will house the necessary laboratories and testing equipment to analyze athletic performances and test scientific hypotheses. And with a name like "Goldring", there will no doubt be gold medal research and success that is produced to benefit athletic performance and sport in Canada.

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