Thursday, September 1, 2011

Knowledge in Action ... Attend a Conference!

Our age of technology has brought us advances that we could have never even imagined just 20 years ago. However, while technology has increased our ability to communicate, it has also decreased face-to-face interactions as well. Thankfully in the sports world, events and competitions still happen every day of the year bringing people together to share experiences. Included in this category of people gathering in sport are the all important sport conferences. They bring components of the sporting community together into one place to share in the exchange of information, which ideally feeds back into the sports system. Spending quality time with like-minded individuals is the best way to continue to share information, expand upon ideas, develop creativity and foster stronger relationships.

Conferences come in all shapes and sizes. Some are close to home, some are not. Some are national, some are international. Some people are attendees, some are guest speakers, and some are hosts. No matter what, there is probably a conference for all areas of interest and levels in sport.

Most conferences focus on specific sports area, such as:
Conferences motivate and unite the sports world and better prepare its professionals to face the many challenges and changes in sport. Part of staying current and up-to-date on your subject matter or area of expertise means being engaged with your colleagues, and transferring knowledge amongst your peers.

When was the last time you attended a conference?

Please visit the SIRC Conference Calendar for more information on global sport conferences taking place!

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