Thursday, November 11, 2010

The toning phenomena continues…clothing that can make you fit?

Reebok has introduces an EasyTone clothing line that claims to help people get fit. The pants and shirt have strategically place rubber resistance bands to make the body work harder, toning elements. Will it last? Time will tell. The toning shoes that we’ve discussed before continue to be popular so this new installment may be around for a while. To check out the new line of clothing go to .

Although there appears to be a lack of evidence that the toning products work. Consumer Reports project that it will become a $1.5 billion business by year end, increasing 500%.

How the toning clothing is marketed is up for debate. In North America they are used to tone your legs and butt whereas in Europe they are marketed as a health product. The positive reports of the toning products lean towards the health benefits of posture and core control not necessarily as a fitness product.

The toning clothing line has just been released so stay tuned for upcoming articles however in the meantime you can find articles such as these are currently available in the SIRC Colleciton:
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