Tuesday, June 1, 2010

After all is said and done … Post-race recovery

Much of Ottawa was focused on the Ottawa Race Weekend this past weekend with Marathon, ½ Marathon, 10K, 5K, and 2K races being run. Many cities across the county are also hosting their marathons during this spring season. As racers, we have put in kilometers worth of training and hours of planning strategies so that we are as prepared as possible to race our best race. So what happens after the race? Have we put in enough thought about how to recover?

The following tips and recommendations are made to help your body and mind recover:

  • Immediately crossing the finish line, try not to stop. Keep you body moving in order to cool it down from exertion. Don’t forget to stretch, eat, drink and rest your body as well.
  • In the days following your race, rest, light training and cross training are recommended in order to let the musculoskeletal system recover and to prevent post-race injury.
  • To avoid the mental let down, enjoy your accomplishments but also plan new target goals (to focus on moving forward with your training.

Make sure that you take into consideration the length and intensity of your race when planning your recovery strategy. It is also important to make sure to consult with health care professionals when any unusual symptoms occur post-race, especially after hot weather events. A little pre-planning can help you get the most out of your race.

In the end, make sure to congratulate yourself on your achievements!

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