Thursday, February 11, 2010

The 12 Minute Sport Lawyer – Ottawa Edition

The first installment of the SIRC/CSL Knowledge Management Series was a success! The 12 Minute Lawyer took place yesterday afternoon in Ottawa. If you missed attending you have another chance. Register now for the session held in Toronto on February 23 at SIRC@Sport4Ontario.

Rachel and Steve from the Canadian Centre for Sport and Law led a discussion about some of the hot, legal issues in the sporting community. Time flew by as we talked about social media, music rights, hands-free devices, police checks, human rights and LTAD. Interesting questions to ask yourself include:

  • Are you paying SOCAN for music rights during practices? Should you?
  • Can you get fired for what you say on Facebook?
  • Should you have to play employee fines if they are talking on their phone in the car for business and get caught?
  • Do waivers for minors really work?
  • How are the changes to police check policies effecting your organization?
  • Should you align LTAD with the Athlete Assistance Program?
  • Are your employees and volunteers aware and educated on human rights violations?

We are looking forward to Managing Your Intellectual Property, the next KMS in Ottawa. Speakers will discuss the ambush marketing that happened before and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Make sure you register early!

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