Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2013

With a new year just beginning and all the holiday celebrations coming to an end, many of us are probably looking forward to getting back to or starting a new fitness routine.  The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Goodlife Fitness each survey fitness professionals to gauge what they feel will be the top fitness trends of the new year.

Looking over both reports, we've found where they coincide and have created a top 5 list for you.  

1. Educated and experienced fitness professionals - this is fast growing industry where clients are expecting more bang for their buckMany fitness professionals are now required to have a bachelor's degree in a wellness/exercise related field, have multiple certifications, and a wealth of experience through credible organizations. 

2. Small group training - with a lot of people trying to stretch their budget, many are opting for a group personal training experience.  Depending on the club or gym you belong to, many offer discounts to those wishing to experience exercising in a group setting. 

3. Body weight training - this is the big surprise of this year's listBody weight training is not a new concept and involves exercise that uses your own body weight to provide the resistance usually reserved for free weights or other equipment.

4. Core training - currently there isn't a fitness program available that does not include core training in some form.  Core training exercises obviously give you an attractive tummy, but also have the added benefit of improving your posture and balance, and decreases back pain

5. Fitness classes for older adults - this market is also growing fast with aging baby boomers wanting to remain healthy as they get older.  People over 55 now represent nearly a quarter of health club memberships so expect to see your gym offering up new classes for this age bracket.

New year's resolutions are fun, but the the best way to ensure you stick to your fitness goals is by incorporating exercise into the rest of your life by setting realistic goals and schedules.  For any of you wanting to take advantage of these new trends for 2013, it's good to note that there are many exciting opportunities to do so.
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